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Minority Representativeness Simulator

Find levers to achieve your diversity goals. With the simulator, you have a Digital Twin of your organization in the palm of your hand, and you can see the effect of your decisions on minorities' representativenessover-time.

The model behind the simulator

This simulator was developed above a System Dynamics Model. The model was designed to reproduce the causal loops that interact in a company when making decisions on the hiring and promotion processes.

In this video, we explain the different concepts and biases that interact in this system, and it will guide you as a leader to introduce your data and test your decision-making assumptions.

Be prepared to challenge your mental models, and find the best policies to help your company reach your 25/25 representativeness goals.

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Desktop Version

Minorities representativeness simulator, this includes the self-explained learning laboratory, with all the parameters.

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Phone App version

Introductory simulator, just to get your mind started on the concepts behind the biases that interact in the system.

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About us

Policy Dynamics uses a computer simulation technique called System Dynamics, which applies to any physical and social system that changes over time. With System Dynamics, you can see where you are in terms of your goals, how you got to the present situation, and where you are heading if nothing changes. Policy Dynamics will help you build a better future, especially if our analysis indicates your system is moving in an unfavourable direction. We can help show you how you might change your system to get you heading in a favourable direction.

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