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Jakarta Circular Economy Simulator for WCEF

In this simulator, we will explore the policies implemented in Indonesia to end plastic pollution in seas and rivers. These policies are: Reduce over-packaging, the use of innovative recycled plastics, the substitution of materials, increase the collection rate, or increase the recycling rate, to reduce the plastic debris in oceans and rivers by 70%.

Will these policies be enough?

Presented at the INCOSE's Social Systems Working Group: Circular Economy Forum 2021


Earth's Overshoot Day

On July 29, 2021, we have exhausted the natural resources that the earth can regenerate in a year, 3 weeks earlier than in 2020. This simulator allows you to explore the 3 factors that condition life and proposes a challenge to change history in the next 100 days. Do you accept the challenge?

Environment, Challenges

Civil Unrest Simulator

We began this work because the number of protests around the world appears to be increasing. There are two key actors in these events: the protesters who speak out at an event, and the government, who react to the rally. We use four parameters: - Growth rate in the number of protesters. - Actions Per 100 Police. - Actions per 10000 Protesters. - The time to withdraw the police. We invite you to interact with our App and thank you for joining us on this exploration.


1952's The Great Smog

The Great Smog is a complex case in which the forces of nature, combined with human activities, wreaked havoc on the population. Th¬is simulator allows you to replicate the story to explore decisions that could have changed the course of history. By following the timeline, we can understand how interventions can have intended and unintended effects on the system's behavior. Interventions affect the system, as does inaction. Can you find ways to avoid catastrophe? The future is in your hands. Transform it.


MIES Project, Educational Proposal

The MIES Project Educational Proposal is a mythology to develop understanding from the perspective of a holistic framework for thought. Based on five habits and ignited by curiosity, the individual can explore what are the mechanisms that enhance understanding and how this can contribute to develop more knowledge.

Explore and discover new ways to learn.


Laboratorio de Representatividad de Minorias

Traducción de la interfase simplificada del Laboratorio de Representatividad desarrollado en colaboración con Policy Dynamics Inc. Esta pequeña interfaz permite a las empresas comprender las barreras que impiden cumplir sus metas de diversidad.

Encontremos caminos para vencer los paradigmas antiguos.


Producción de Mezcal

Siendo una bebida tan Mexicana, este simulador explora los componentes generales de la producción de mezcal. Explora cómo interactúan el cultivo del agave, la producción del mezcal, los jimadores y el mercado para determinar el desempeño del sistema.

Puedes llevar el sistema a una practica sostenible?

Work in Progress

Arctic Social-Environmental System

This first delivery has the purpose to explore the connections in the different perspectives of the Arctic. Design policies to address the governance issues that arise as countries dispute for the frozen resources that this region offers.

Intervene this complex system and get your own conclusions.

Work in Progress

Soy Dynamics Framework

Soybean is an important crop around the world, usually the seed is selected according to the expected yield determined by the soil nutrients. In this OnePage Lab discover how picking the wrong seed determines the market’s desire to buy.

Pick your seed’s wisely, click and discover.

SDS Hackathon

Bergen Fossil Free

Becoming a fossil free city is becoming a norm, and deciding how is this possible has a wide set of complex situations. This Learning Lab sets the base to design those policies and understand the unintended consequences that can arise.

Free your city of pollution.

SDS Hackathon

MIES Project

The second delivery to this methodology, elaborates on the habits that take curiosity to a different level, through observing, describing, modeling, explaining and discussing, the individual can confront understanding and get to new knowledge.

Let your curiosity guide this journey.


Company Representativeness Simulator

Created in Collaboration with Policy Dynamics Inc. This simulator delivers a digital twin of a company and its context, to help companies understand the barriers that enable or block Minorities Representativeness.

Explore the boundaries of bias.

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