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MIES Project

A Toolbox for the Systems Citizen

Here you can Take a Look into the MIES Project Learning Lab. This project is called MIES for two reasons, first it means "Research Method for Systemic Understanding" (In Spanish Método de Investigation para el Entendimiento Sistémico). The second one is that MIES in Spanish is a Field ready for Harvest.

It is a Personal approach to education, it's based on a perception of how people learn, not the manifest part, but, the internal motor that makes us understand our world.

It is still a seed, that can be polished. It is a wrong model that can be useful. It is important to understand that it is like doing a Thesis backwards, first you have a model, and now you go and measure if what the structure arise is real.

MIES Project is a Love Story too!


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— Reviewer 1, CLADS 2018

“It proposes a great educational application of systems dynamics.”

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