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Strategic Modelling

Strategic Modelling

John W. Morecroft


"Strategic Modelling" by John W. Morecroft is a compelling and comprehensive guide that explores the power of system dynamics in strategic decision-making.

This book offers a deep dive into strategic modeling, providing readers with the knowledge and tools to analyze and understand complex systems in business and organizational contexts.

"Strategic Modelling" continues to be highly relevant in today's dynamic business environment. The ability to understand and navigate complex systems is essential for strategic leaders, consultants, and decision-makers. This book equips readers with the analytical tools and frameworks needed to effectively model and analyze strategic situations.

Embark on a transformative journey with "Strategic Modelling" and unlock your ability to navigate strategic complexities, make informed decisions, and create sustainable success in a dynamic world.

Key Highlights on this book:

System Dynamics Unleashed: "Strategic Modelling" introduces readers to the world of system dynamics, enabling them to grasp the interdependencies and feedback loops that shape complex systems. It emphasizes the use of dynamic models to simulate and analyze strategic situations.

Strategic Decision-Making: The book focuses on the practical application of strategic modeling, equipping readers with the skills to tackle strategic challenges. It covers topics such as strategy formulation, scenario analysis, policy design, and performance evaluation.

Hands-on Learning: Through real-world case studies and practical examples, the book encourages hands-on learning. Readers are guided through the process of constructing, validating, and using strategic models to gain insights into the behavior of complex systems.

Insightful Analysis: "Strategic Modelling" provides readers with the ability to gain deeper insights into the dynamics of strategic issues. It teaches readers how to identify leverage points, explore alternative strategies, and evaluate the long-term consequences of decisions.

Strategic Modeling in Action: The book showcases the practical applications of strategic modeling across various industries and sectors. It demonstrates how system dynamics can be applied to address real-world challenges, improve decision-making, and drive organizational success.

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